Wardrobe Capsule – Casual Days

Wardrobe Capsules are by no means a new idea.  Since the 70s, women have been creating functional and stylist wardrobes by creating several different looks with a few smart pieces.  The key to shopping is to buy a few great pieces, rather than a lot of poor-quality crap.  Quality over quantity, people!

In looking at the Fall cabi 2016 collection, I challenged myself with creating a 8-piece capsule (let’s be honest- I tried to do this with 5-pieces at first and couldn’t limit myself).  With these 8 pieces, I am able to make 27 outfits!  That is ahhhh-mazing, especially for those of us with limited budgets, storage and/or room in our suitcase.  I can add even more looks the a scarf (hello, Duchess) or a belt or two (the Zebra belt and Here of There don’t take up any room at all!).  A few notes on my capsule: I have two outfits that create a column of color, which is EXTREMELY flattering.  Make sure your capsule includes at least 1 full column of color- it will elongate you, as well as be slimming.  I plan to switch out the Black Sweetheart Sweater for Camel, which is coming in the first set of new arrivals later this month.

Without further adieu, here is my casual capsule for my Mom/preschool life:


For these 27 outfits, my total is $906, making it $33.56 per outfit.  That’s insane for such great quality.  You’d struggle at even TJ Maxx creating a full outfit for that price.  Then, if you host an average party, your total would be $393, or $14.56 per outfit.  Woah!  These are the days where I love math!



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